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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Interdiocesan Tribunal of Edmonton website.  I hope the information you find here will be helpful to you. 

The vocation to marriage is a beautiful call from our Lord.  Sometimes, due to unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances, the call cannot be fully lived out and a marriage breakdown is the untimely consequence.

The Interdiocesan Tribunal of Edmonton personnel are highly trained to assist those who wish to enter a new marriage.  While it may be difficult and painful to revisit the past, it is our hope that we can help you toward healing and growth.

The Lord, who is close to each one of us, will also accompany you through this journey.  I encourage you to stay close to Him, and to His Church.

We are here to assist you and support you.  Thank you for your courage to entrust the study of your marriage to us.

God bless you and may He always be with you.

Sincerely in Christ our Lord,

Rev. Philip Creurer JD, JCD, PhD

Judicial Vicar