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If you are petitioning for a Declaration of Nullity, the first step is to complete an application known as a Preliminary Study Form. 

Download the Preliminary Study Form

All questions should be thoroughly and carefully answered to the best of your knowledge. Please note that an incomplete Preliminary Study Form may delay the process. 

Once you have completed the Preliminary Study Form, arrange to meet with the Priest or Parish Pastoral Associate at your parish (or the closest Catholic Church to you) to complete the application. The documents are then forwarded to the appropriate office.

  • For Petitioners residing in the Diocese of Calgary, the application will be sent to the Calgary Office.
  • For Petitioners residing in the Archdiocese of Edmonton, Archdiocese of Grouard-McLennan, Diocese of St. Paul, or Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith, the application will be sent to the Edmonton Office.

We keep all communications confidential, and so ask that the application form not be sent by email. 

If you are unable to meet with your Priest, please send your application through registered mail via Canada Post or any other registered delivery service.  The Interdiocesan Tribunal of Edmonton Office is not responsible for delayed or missing applications sent via regular mail. If you have not heard from us within three weeks of submitting your application, please contact us.